2 | The Black Heart Procession

Release Date: 05/18/1999

Catalog Number: TG194

Format: LP, CD


  1. The Waiter no. 2
  2. Blue Tears (Audio File 3.4mb)
  3. A Light So Dim
  4. Your Church Is Red
  5. When We Reach the Hill
  6. Outside the Glass
  7. Gently Off the Edge
  8. It's a Crime I Never Told You About the Diamonds in Your Eyes
  9. My Heart Might Stop
  10. Beneath the Ground
  11. The Waiter no. 3

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2 | The Black Heart Procession

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The Waiter no. 2   
Blue Tears   
A Light So Dim   
Your Church Is Red   
When We Reach the Hill   
Outside the Glass   
Gently Off the Edge   
It's a Crime I Never Told You About the Diamonds in Your Eyes   
My Heart Might Stop   
Beneath the Ground   
The Waiter no. 3   

Album Art

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    • Blue Tears from 2 (Audio File 3.4mb)
    • Waterfront (the Sinking Road) from Three (Audio File 4.0mb)
    • Tropics of Love from Amore del Tropico (Audio File 3.4mb)
    • Not Just Words from The Spell (Audio File 2.9mb)

    Band Member Info


    Pall A Jenkins - Vocals, Saw, Sheetmetal, Waterphone, sh-1000, Toy Piano, Guitar, Drum, Moog
    Tobias Nathaniel - Wurlitzer Piano, Moog, Clavinet, Pump Organ, Piano, Toy Piano, Guitar, Sheetmetal, Bass
    Jason Crane - Trumpet
    Mario Rubalcaba - Drums