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Tara Jane ONeil

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Tara Jane ONeil is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, engineer, and painter. Over the last decade her art has taken many forms, all of them lavished with the rich attention to detail that signals an artist with true vision. Since her first solo record in 2000, Tara has collaborated with a diverse community of friends and advisors, scoring theater productions and short films, playing improvised shows, and working with dancers and painters. She's worked with the likes of Papa M, Ida, and Jackie O MF. Her music has allowed her to travel far, touring all parts of the northern hemisphere.

On top of her rich musical schedule, Tara is also a notable visual artist. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Barcelona, Tokyo, Kyoto, Louisville, and Portland, among other places. A book of her drawings and paintings was published by Map Press out of Tokyo.

TJO considers herself as much a noise artist as she is a songwriter. On two of her previous solo LP's, Peregrine and In The Sun Lines, soundscapes and texture were paramount. The experiments with sound continued on her various EP releases and on the solo outing TJOTKO. Her most recent Touch and Go album You Sound, Reflect is a revolution, the finest example of TJO as songsmith. It's a haunting and lovely meditation, full of hidden details and whispered secrets.

Since the release of You Sound, Reflect, TJO has put out two EPs, one with bells and video, the other with acoustic guitar. She is currently working on material for a new record. Her music accomplishes what most good artists aim to do, but not all achieve: it transports the listener to a different space. Through a subtle but sure-handed mastery of sonics, Tara's songs evoke a time more beautiful and peaceful than you're likely to encounter these days. So fall back and be raptured by the full experience that is a TJO album. You'll be glad you did.