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Shipping News has been a band since the Fall of 1996, when they were just three guys in a small house in Kentucky. Their first music was composed for the public radio program "This American Life" - a show they still really enjoy.
They released their first record, "Save Everything" on Quarterstick Records in September of 1997, and a split EP with the bandMetroSchifter soon followed. "Very Soon, and in Pleasant Company," their second album, was released in January 2001. Both of these albums garnered praise and savage criticism, often citing that "post-rock" or "math rock" was dead.

Shipping News kept rocking, regardless. People attended their concerts, swayed back and forth and were fun to talk to at the merchtable. Sometimes people would talk on their cellphones instead of listening. One or two people yelled and tore off their shirts.

After finishing a series of limited edition EPs in 2001 and 2002 (Carrier, Sickening Bridge, Variegated) the band assembled them into adouble album called "Three-Four", released in February 2003. "Three-Four" also received many kind words and a few harsh rebuttals.

2004 saw the band touring through the southern United States and recording an album with their newest band member, bass player Todd Cook. They released the "Flies the Fields" LP/CD in Spring 2005.

Shipping News have toured the US and Europe extensively over the last 10 years. They have played the RHAAA Lovely Festival in Belgium, as well as All Tomorrow's Parties in the UK. They performed at the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary in September 2006 and toured in JAPAN that same year.

In 2007 they worked with their other projects (Dead Child, Gold Jacket Club, Shannon Wright, Rachel's and others) and in 2008 will return to the stage at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona, as well as other shows in the US and Europe.