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Big Boys

The Big Boys got their start in the late 1970's Austin punk scene. The band was fronted by the occasionally cross-dressing Randy "Biscuit" Turner, with Tim Kerr on guitar, Chris Gates playing bass, and Rey Washam on drums. Unlike the rest of the early hardcore scene of the day, they weren't afraid to stray away from superfast tempos in favor of some nice white boy skate funk.

Beyond the funk tendencies, the band at times played an early brand of post-punk not unlike their contemporaries The Minutemen. Thanks to their inclusion on some of Thrasher magazine's first 'skate comps,' the Big Boys were hugely popular amongst the new 80's skate punk crowd. They were also known for the encouragement of crowd participation, breaking down the barriers between performer and audience. They even covered Kool & the Gang, never wavering when venturing into uncharted musical territory. The Big Boys paved the way for other skate funk bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fishbone.

Rey Washam, Chris Gates, and Tim Kerr all still play music. Rey Washam has also been in other bands on Touch and Go. Tim Kerr has his own website where you can check out what he is doing now. Sadly, Randy Turner passed away in August of 2005.