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The Necros were formed in 1979 in Maumee, Ohio. They were a punk band made up of high school kids playing fast, furious, short songs of the sort that were eventually dubbed “hardcore” by the media a couple years later. In 1980, the Necros recorded a demo, and in early 1981, Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson (of Touch and Go fanzine) fronted the money to release 4 of those songs as a 7” record (commonly known as the Sex Drive 7"). This 7” became the first release on Touch and Go Records.

The Necros spent many weekends in 1980 and 1981 playing shows in Detroit and Lansing, Michigan, opening for such bands as Black Flag and DOA, and playing shows with other Michigan area bands like Negative Approach, The Meatmen, and Bored Youth.

In the fall of 1981, the Necros released a nine song 7” EP (commonly known as the IQ32 EP) that was a co-release between Touch and Go Records and Dischord Records.

Also in 1981 and 1982, the Necros were spending time traveling to Washington, DC to play shows with many of the early DC punk bands with whom they had become friends (ie: Minor Threat, Youth Brigade, Government Issue, etc…). And there were also shows in New York with bands like the Circle Jerks and the Misfits.

1982 was a productive year for the Necros as they played shows in many parts of the country, including a national tour opening for the Misfits. While on that tour, the Necros started recording new material at a studio in Los Angeles, with Spot (producer of many albums by Black Flag, the Minutemen, the Meat Puppets, etc…) at the controls.

1983 saw the release of a new single followed by a full length album, both titled Conquest For Death. The album included some of the recordings from the Spot sessions, as well as some recordings made in Detroit. It included a fold-out poster insert, and was the second full length album on Touch and Go Records. Conquest For Death was the last record the Necros were to release on Touch and Go. Subsequent to its release, Corey Rusk left the band to focus his attentions solely on running Touch and Go Records. The Necros found a replacement bass player and went on to release a few more records on other labels.