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Emerging from the same circle of musicians that spawned Squirrel Bait and Slint, Rodan formed in 1992 out of a failed high school rap project. Guitarists Jason Noble and Jeff Mueller enlisted Tara Jane O’Neil on bass and a couple drummers before Kevin Coultas came aboard permanently. After a couple 7”s and self-released cassettes, Quarterstick released the band’s first and only full-length Rusty in 1994. The band broke up at the end of the year, aiding their growing cult following.

Jason went on to form Rachel's, Jeff started June of 44, and Tara began a solo career after recording with Retsin, and The Sonora Pine. Jason and Jeff later reunited in The Shipping News. In summation, Rodan was Quarterstick’s indie rock super group that spawned numerous other intriguing projects, most of which are still putting out records and touring today.