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The Sonora Pine

The Sonora Pine began playing in New York City during the fall of 1994 after Tara Jane ONeil and Sean Meadows moved there from the kin states of Kentucky and Tennessee. There they met veteran violin improviser Samara Lubelski and played several shows as a three-piece. Geographical discrepancies and other previous engagements separated the bunch for a time. The songs they had written and performed flew around the heavens. The three involved were afflicted with visions. It seemed fated that the spirit would be made flesh. Thusly, they recorded the songs for all to hear. One percussionist from Louisville, Kevin Coultas, made the three an even four.

The Sonora Pine sounds at times like their name suggests- an impressive sound of yearning or longing. But there are times when the sounds sneaks up behind you, as when one is feeling light-headed and the ground sneaks up from behind. There is structure in the Sonora Pine's songs, but it is a loose structure. Carving their path, finding their way out of a song to another plane and then working themselves back into their original idea is indicative of the sounds of The Sonora Pine. An idea dreamed upon, but not solicited. Spread out, but bound together. An oxymoron, yes, and having many non-sequitors.