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After their start in 1979 in the heyday of punkís first wave, The Ex developed over the years into a melting pot of divergent musical styles. Noise, jazz, improvisation, and ethnic music have been interwoven under one unique umbrella: Ex-music. Discordant, highly rhythmic guitars and the rolling, almost African drumming style give the music of The Ex its special character. For more than 20 years, The Ex has escaped being pigeonholed into one of pop musicís corny corners.

The Ex is continuously in development and always open to new ideas and collaborations with people of all kinds, people whose spirits inspire and appeal to the group. The main principle remains: to make music with heart and soul, out of reach of commercial trends or expectations. The consequent political approach of the group and the manner in which they organize their concerts and release and distribute their records themselves set a significant example for the alternative music circuit.

The Ex in a nutshell: contemporary music since 1979, more than fifteen CDs, more than a thousand concerts all over Europe, North America, and Africa and special projects and collaborations of many sorts.