Natural | Mekons

Release Date: 08/21/2007

Catalog Number: QS98

Format: CD


  1. Dark Dark Dark
  2. Dickie, Chalkie and Nobby (Audio File 4.2mb)
  3. The Old Fox
  4. White Stone Door
  5. Shocking Curse Bird
  6. Give Me Wine or Money
  7. Diamonds
  8. Burning in the Desert Burning
  9. The Hope and the Anchor
  10. Cockermouth
  11. Zeroes and Ones
  12. Perfect Mirror
  13. Old Fox Lu Version (mp3-only bonus track)

Album Art

  • Natural


Natural | Mekons

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Dark Dark Dark   
Dickie, Chalkie and Nobby   
The Old Fox   
White Stone Door   
Shocking Curse Bird   
Give Me Wine or Money   
Burning in the Desert Burning   
The Hope and the Anchor   
Zeroes and Ones   
Perfect Mirror   
Old Fox Lu Version (mp3-only bonus track)   

Album Art

  • Natural
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  • I'm So Happy from Punk Rock (Audio File 1.8mb)
  • Hole in the Ground from Honky Tonkin' (Audio File 2.8mb)
  • Dickie, Chalkie and Nobby from Natural (Audio File 4.2mb)

Band Member Info


* Organic Lu-cose

* Reduced Iron Jon

* Sally Timmamine

* Infused Ricoflavin

* Modified Sarahydrates

* Petite Durum

* Steve-olina

* Susie Honey Extract

* Sun Dried Green Tom

* Cultured Kennilite

* Added Meiling