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For about a year back in the 1970s the Mekons epitomized the risks,
extremes and ludicrous promise of punk rock. It was a different time
físure BUT eerily similar to NOW. For a while back THEN the Mekons were
indeed very interested in punk rock but it wore off (for reasons too
obvious & well documented to dwell on here). After the huge success of
their FAST PRODUCT 45s and the reckless, doomed assault on the citadel
that followed, the Mekons snuck off back to Leeds to lick their wounds
only to emerge years later a wiser, stranger, multi-dimensional beast.

Maybe thereís a silver thread that runs all the way back to THEN through
the collaborations and experiments of the 80s, 90s and Zeros, maybe
there isnít, but now we're talking a band looking at its 30th
anniversary. Still, the music stands eternal, dusted down and probed for
signs of life & to the amazement of all concerned no backward thrust of
nostalgia was apparent, in fact quite the opposite. Layers of historical
snot were scraped away to reveal a crop of songs oozing tough & timeless
optimism for the NOW, the current, the necessary & the possible... and
NOW the Mekons (with one eye on the past and both feet in the river) are
very interested in punk rock again.